What does Turkish Statistical Institute do?

The principal duty of Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) is, to compile data and information, and produce, publish and provide necessary.statistics in the areas the country needs. TurkStat receives data from individuals, households, businesses via researches and censuses. Then analyze the data received and transform it into a statistical information. This statistical information is a reliable guide for all levels of society in decision making processes. Furthermore, we prepare the Official Statistical Program including information about which description, methodology, concept and classification shall be used, and by which institution and how frequently it shall be compiled and published periodicity, in complience with other institutions. We, also, report the monitoring and assessment of the activities stated in Official Statistical Programme.

Can everyone produce and publish statistics?

Official statistics are produced, disseminated and published by Turkish Statistical Institute and the institutes and organizations specified in Official Statistics Programme.

How can real persons or legal persons executing research activities covering statistical results open the results of their research topublic by media?

In case these institutes and organizations open the results of their research to public by media, they are bound to open also the coverage of the research, sampling method and sampling volume, the method of the data collection and time of application to public. Those persons and organs and representatives of special law legal persons who do not comply with these obligations are subject to fine.

How is the organization structure of Turkish Statistical Institute?

You can access to the organization structure of Turkish Statistical Institute by this link: Organization Chart

What are duties of Statistical Council?

The main duty of Statistical Council founded as an organ of Turkish Statistical Institute with the Statistical Law of Turkey is to recommend for preparation and application of Official Statistical Programme, determination of need of official statistics, its development and functions, and to make studies covering ideas and proposals for future.

What is statistical unit?

Real persons and institutions and organisations from whom data and information are collected for production of official statistics are named as statistical units.

Does TurkStat have the legal authority to ask for, to control and to store data?

TurkStat Presidency has the authority to directly ask for every kind of data and information for the production of statistics from all statistical units in the form, period and standards specified, to research their accuracy, to control them and to ask for additional information and documents from those concerned (Statistical Law of Turkey Article 7).

Are statistical units (persons, institutes and organizations) obliged to answer TURKSTAT researches?

Statistical units are obliged to submit any information or data fully, accurately and free of charge in the form, period and standards specified by TurkStat Presidency (Statistical Law of Turkey Article 8).

What happens in case of non-response of statistical units to TURKSTAT researches?

Those who fail to submit information requested or submit incomplete or incorrect information and in case no information is submitted or no correction/supplement is made in spite of a warning, real persons or organs and representatives of private law legal entities concerned are imposed administrative fines of 923 TL in case non-compliance takes place during surveys conducted with households or individuals and 2 195 TL in case non-compliance takes place during surveys conducted with other statistical units. Imposition of administrative fines or other punitive measures do not relieve the statistical unit concerned from its obligation to supply information (Statistical Law of Turkey Article 54).

Does institutes and organizations have to give the right to allow the acsessto their administrative data to TurkStat?

Institutions and organisations are obliged without any charge to submit or open to use by the TurkStat Presidency records and other data files they compile, process and store for the production of official statistics, to form and update their national registry systems in line with standards defined by the TurkStat Presidency (Statistical Law of Turkey Articles 9 and 10).

What is confidentiality of data or confidential data?

Data appearing in any table format obtained through the consolidation of individual data is deemed confidential in case the number of statistical units in the box concerned less than three or in case one or two statistical units are dominant even if the number of statistical units in the box is three or more. Confidential data can be published only as combined with other data so as not to allow any direct or indirect identification. The confidential data compiled, processed and preserved for the production of official statistics cannot be delivered to any administrative, judiciary or military authority or person, can not be used for purposes other than statistics or as an instrument of proof (Statistical Law of Turkey Article 13).

How is the use of individual data?

Türkiye İstatistik Kanunu’nun 14. maddesine göre istatistiki birimlerin doğrudan veya dolaylı olarak tanınmasına yol açacak bölümleri gizlendikten sonra, bilimsel amaçlı araştırmalarda kullanılması, üçüncü şahıslara verilmemesi kaydı ve TÜİK Başkanlığı’nın yazılı izniyle bireysel veriler verilebilir.

How can I acsess to the information I search for on the website?

There are several tools that will help us access data you look for at our web site. Site Guide: In this part, it is explained the context of the section at web site and how to access the statistics with presentations. Site Map: In this part, it is included all links of the titles at our web site. You may access the section by clicking the title you are interested in. Search: Also in this part, by writing topic or key word to search engine, you may make query and you may access the title you want according to incoming results. Before you request data from our institute, you may have detailed information about our services from here. When you can not access the data, you may ask information from phone numbers 0312 410 02 44-45-47 or apply by sending e-mail to

How can I be aware of the new pres releases?

You should subscribe ( to our web site and you should choose the headings of subjects that you want to be aware of. You will be sent new pres releases to your e-mail address regularly. In addition, you can get information about press releases in the context of Official Statistics Programme published previously, published on that day and to be published that year by Statistics Publication Calendar on our web site..

I want to buy new publications and CDs, what should I do?

Sale of publications and CDs are made through Publications section on our web site. You can access to this information without subscribing to our site but you have to subscribe in case of purchasing. This is necessary for us to record the product you purchased and the delivery address of your receipt and for delivering the product to your address.

The tables on the website of the TurkStat are in the form of MS-Excel and I cannot see the tables because I do not use MS-Excel, what should I do?

The tables on our website are in the form of MS-Excel. If this programme is not downloaded on your computer, you can download Excel Viewer ( program.