Statistical Council and Duties 

Statistical Council was formed in order to identify the needs of official statistics, conduct a study covering proposals and opinions for the future and to evaluate and make recommendations to related functions, the development and implementation of official statistics by the preparation of the program.

In case the members of the Council are not able to attend the meetings, an authorized representative will be assigned as their replacement.

The Council meets at least once a year.

If required by the agenda of the Council, other institutions and organizations and representatives of non-governmental organizations and presidential officials can be invited to Council meetings without the right to vote. President of the Institute is the Chairman of the Council. Secretariat services are carried out by the Presidency of the Council. Working principles and procedures of the Council are determined by a regulation issued by the Council of Ministers.


The Council, by identifying the needs of official statistics, is responsible to assess and report their views and suggestions on the following topics:

a) Problems encountered in the production of official statistics,

b) Determination of institutions and organizations responsible for the work defined in the program,

c) Preparation of the program,

d) The implementation of the program, the evaluation reports for previous periods,

e) The terms and conditions of the censuses that will take place within the context of the program.