• TURKSTAT President (President of the Council),
  • Vice Presidents of TURKSTAT,

Those represented by at least one member at the level of vice president or general manager;

  • Ministries,
  • Council of Higher Education
  • The Presidency of Strategy and Budget
  • The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Banking Regulation and Supervison of Agency
  • Social Security Institution,
  • Revenue Administration,
  • Personal Data Protection Authority

Those who are represented by one member authorized to represent;

  • The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey,
  • The Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants of Turkey,
  • The Council Tax,
  • The Journalists Association of Turkey,
  • A non-governmental organization with a maximum of teaching staff and operating in the field of Statistics,
  • A civil society organization with maximum number of members who are members of a private law legal entities or real people carrying out research activities including statistical results.

If the characteristics of the issues to be discussed by the Council so require, the Head of the Council may invite the representatives of other institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations to the Council meetings without the right to vote.