The Official Statistics Programme (OSP), based on the Statistics Law of Turkey No 5429, is prepared for a 5-year-period in order to determine the basic principles and standards dealing with the production and dissemination of official statistics and to produce reliable, timely, transparent and impartial data required at national and international level.

With "OSP 2007-2011", programmed turnover has been passed in Turkey Statistical System since 2007. The second OSP covers the years 2012-2016. The third OSP will be implemented in 2017-2021.

The main aim of the OSP is to create a disciplined statistical production process by passing on to a disciplined statistical management. The Turkish Statistical Law covers and regulates not only the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), but all of the institutions in the Turkish Statistical System.

The program increases the public confidence in official statistics by preventing duplications encountered in the production and dissemination of official statistics, reducing the burden of respondents, and providing manpower and resource savings in the public sector. Furthermore, standardization of official statistics is provided with the program, responsible and related institutions are defined and clarified on which data will be compiled by which institution, by which method and for which periods and when it will be published.

Statistics not foreseen, but required to be produced in the Programme period, shall be considered as official statistics in case they are included in the Programme until the end of annual updating period in cooperation with TURKSTAT. In relation to the implementation of the Programme by 2007, data identified to be produced by institutions and organizations other than TURKSTAT in the Official Statistics Programme shall be considered as official statistics. Thus, in any field required, only one reliable official statistics is produced.

During the first plan period (2007-2011); To prevent duplication in the production and publication of official statistics, to reduce the burden of response, and to save manpower and resources in the public sector. This period also clarified issues such as standardization of official statistics, identification of responsible and related institutions, the method by which the data will be compiled, and when the data will be published.

With the second OSP (2012-2016), national quality standards were established, administrative records were invented, Official Statistical Portal was opened, international data transmission system was established and metadata information was created. Also in this period, the quality element in the official statistics was brought to the forefront and the data was concentrated on the presentation together with the metadata. With the OSP programmed for the years 2012-2016, the systematization of the statistics taking reference to administrative records was taken into consideration, and the production of different data by different institutions of the state was disciplined. According to this; More accurate publishing of more consistent source data as official statistics, facilitating access to administrative records and reducing the number of researches.

It was aimed to prioritize the data integration with the third OSP (2017-2021), increasing the use of administrative records in statistical production, data security and data confidentiality, opening administrative registers to TURKSTAT and standardizing the identifiers and variables of real persons and legal entities. In this period, it is planned to improve the timing of statistics, to enable the production of more various sectoral and regional statistics, to decrease respondent load, to decrease the corporate workload, and to use public resources in the most efficient way.

Within the scope of the preparations for "OSP 2017-2021", the working groups were revised, meetings were held by these groups and the statistical information produced by the stakeholder institutions during these meetings was prepared by the institution, and when it will be published, data sources, data collection methods, Were evaluated.

Within the framework of the decisions taken as a result of the meetings, a draft Program was established in line with the reports prepared by the members of the working group concerned. The draft "OSP 2017-2021" was consulted at the meeting held on 27/10/2016 of the Statistical Council and connected to the decision.

Regarding to the changes in the institutional structure as a result of the transition to the Presidential Government System and the requests for changes regarding the text of the Program from the institutions, the Program was revised by the TurkStat's letter dated 21/05/2019 and numbered 12047.