Revision refers to later updates on the any published statistical data. The sharing of the revision policies with respect to the statistics produced in line with the Code of Practice is directly related to the transparency policies of the statistical producers. In this respect, the institutions and organizations that produce and publish statistics within the scope of OSP are required to establish their own revision policies on behalf of transparency in the eyes of users.

Institutions and organizations within the scope of the OSP should observe their statistical inventories (without discrimination of questionnaire or administrative registration) and take into account the production-distribution processes when they form revision policies. At this point, it should not be forgotten that any kind of statistic (survey or administrative record) may be revised. Also, when it is considered that the revision of statistics is also a policy, it should be noted that the documents related to the revision policy contain not only the statistics to be revised but also the information about the statistics which will not be revised.

In this context, the "Guideline on the Procedures and Principles for the Revision of the Statistical Data Produced by the TURKSTAT Presidency" has been published on the official website of the TURKSTAT ( as a policy document that outlines the general framework for which statistics should be revised in terms of length and depth for which reason in TURKSTAT. Basic principles for the revision in line with this Guideline; Revision applications, ensuring comparability of revised data and sharing information on revisions with the public.

The Guideline, which covers the principles and more comprehensive applications mentioned below, is not only for TURKSTAT but also as a guide document for all institutions and organizations that produce and publish statistics under OSP.