The Statistical Council has been established (article 20 of Statistical Law of Turkey numbered 5429) to provide advice on the preparation and implementation of the Official Statistics Program, the development of official statistics and their functions, to identify and evaluate official statistics needs, and to carry out studies covering future views and suggestions.

The duties of the Statistical Council in accordance with Article 601 of the Presidential Decree No. 4 published in the Official Gazette No. 30479 dated 15.07.2018;

  • Determination and evaluation of official statistical requirements,
  • Assessing the problems encountered in official statistics production,
  • Determining the institutions and organizations responsible for the activities defined in the program,
  • Preparation of the program,
  • Application of the program, evaluation of the reports of previous periods,
  • Determining the transition period of institutions and organizations to the appropriate classification or classifications for the unit about which information is collected from among the classifications,
  • Establishing new classification commissions ex officio when necessary by evaluating the issues that cannot be decided in the classification commissions and the problems encountered in the use of classifications,

And by making suggestions, it serves the Turkish Statistical System.