2017-2021 Official Statistics Program Revised


The Official Statistics Programme (OSP), based on the Statistics Law of Turkey No 5429, is prepared for a 5-year-period in order to determine the basic principles and standards dealing with the production and dissemination of official statistics and to produce reliable, timely, transparent and impartial data required at national and international level.

During the period of the Official Statistics Programme, changes to relating statistical work stated in 5429 numbered Turkish Statistical Law, under the provisions of Article 17, Scientific and Technical Autonomy are carried out as follows:

Requests regarding the addition of a new topic to the program and the removal of an existing one from the Program and changes in the responsible institution are made with the approval of the Presidency. Apart from these, changes in place, changes in time, data collection method and changes in availability, classification and prediction system-level changes, changes in related institutions, changes in the dissemination format and the overall information part of the Programme together with making decisions and arrangements about the Scope, Current Situation and New Work To Be Done and changes to the Sustainable Development Indicators in the Annex within the headings of Statistics Studies with grounds of the responsible institutions / organizations, upon application to TURKSTAT.

The changes taking place in the legislative and administrative structure and the changes arising from the legislation are decided by the Presidency of TURKSTAT.

Regarding to the changes in the institutional structure as a result of the transition to the Presidential Government System and the requests for changes regarding the text of the Program from the institutions, the Program was revised by the TurkStat's letter dated 21/05/2019 and numbered 12047.