The subjects to be included in the Official Statistics Program must comply with the criteria corresponding to the principles set out in the table below.






Institutional Environment

Sufficiency of Resources

The institution has the legal regulation to ensure the production of statistics from the existing administrative records, the written duty of the statistical producing unit is defined.

Sufficiency of Resources

The presence of the unit responsible for official statistical production processes.

Sufficiency of Resources

The resources used in official statistics production (in terms of quantity and quality of human resources, financial resources and information infrastructure) are sufficient to meet the needs of the Turkish Statistical System.

Sufficiency of Resources

Do not duplicate current statistics to ensure cost effectiveness.

Statistical Confidentiality

In case the personal information is collected in the official statistics production and this information is collected under the Turkish Statistical Law numbered 5429, the fact that the statistics are subject to statistical confidentiality has been communicated to the persons involved in the statistics production process. In case of not collecting within the scope of Turkish Statistical Law, Institutions are subject to their legislation in data production.

Statistical Processes

Eligible Statistical Operations

The development of statistical data from the records held by the statistician and the development of statistics from the statistical records.

Reliable Methodology

Corresponding to a comparable head / sub-title of statistical national and / or international.

Reliable Methodology

Employment of statisticians to increase the qualitative sufficiency of the personnel involved in statistical production through trainings.

Statistical Data


Statistics meet the need of  information at least 2 institutions / organizations at the national level.

Impartiality and Objectivity / Accessibility and Openness

The standardization of the statistical metadata is publicly available and accessible.

Consistency and Comparability

If the period of the produced statistic is different, planning with statistical infrastructure that will constitute a time series.