The Programme gives information on the definitions, methods, contents, classifications, and the publication periodicity/schedule of the data and the institutions responsible for compilation and publication.

Official statistics are produced and issued by TurkStat and the responsible institutions and organizations specified in the Programme. Data compilation, evaluation and dissemination responsibilities of the institutions and organizations are defined in the Programme. TURKSTAT; the responsible body for the coordination of production and publication of official statistics, is authorized to publish and disseminate the official statistics compiled by related institutions and organizations. These institutions and organizations are obliged to submit any compiled data to TURKSTAT on time, upon request. The principle of confidentiality is duly observed in the maintenance and protection of data and information submitted to the Institute by determining the confidentiality principles in other legislative arrangements.

Institutions and organizations responsible for the production of official statistics are as follows:

• The Presidency and Ministries, and their dependant, relevant and related organizations;

• Local governments and their relevant and related organizations, as well as the unions and companies thereof;

• Other institutions and organizations and professional organizations that have the status of a public institution which have legal entities and which have been established under names such as institute, enterprise, establishment, union, revolving fund, fund etc. including the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey; Istanbul Stock Exchange Market and the Universities;

• Organizations for professions that have the status of a public institution.