The principles, standards and procedures for the publication and distribution of the statistics produced within the scope of the program and the monitoring of compliance are done by the Publication and Distribution Board. The institutions and organizations involved in the program are obliged to comply with the Official Statistical Principles in their publications and distributions.

Official statistics may be disseminated through the web pages (html pages, databases, or pdf files) of institutions and organizations, publications or CD. Web pages are the primary means of disseminating the statistics.

Institutions and organizations open "official statistics" heading in their web site home pages and publish the official statistics under this. Official Statistics are published along with descriptive information (metadata) on their web sites.

National Data Release Calendar (NDRC): Dissemination of official statistics is achieved by a calendar indicating the users can reach which data and when. NDRC, which indicates by which institution, when and how the data will be published, will be announced to the public at the beginning of each year by TURKSTAT.

Institutions and organizations specified in the Programme determine their data release calendar for the following year and send them to TURKSTAT until first of December to be figured in National Data Release Calendar. Any changes that may occur in the date of publication of the data shall be communicated to the TURKSTAT not later than two days before the date foreseen in the NDRC, together with the reason for disclosure to the public.

Institutions and organizations are obliged to put a link to the National Data Release Calendar in their own web pages and to inform TURKSTAT about the web addresses in which they publish their statistics Links should be stable, in case of change TURKSTAT should be informed.
The title and metadata of the statistic published on the web sites should be included in the publication schedule as the users can easily reach.

Printed publications are published also in html pages, databases or pdf format. Metadata of official statistics should be given in detail in printed publications.
Access to official statistics published within the scope of NDRC is provided on a daily basis in the "Data Publishing Schedule" on the TURKSTAT website and the calendar on the Official Statistics Portal.

Official Statistic Label: Regarding the statistics produced by institutions and organizations responsible for statistical production under OSP  "... Statistics are produced within the scope of OSP" should be included in news bulletins and publications in written and electronic media. By the year 2016, labeling work has been carried out in 30 of 68 institutions and organizations responsible for statistical production under the OSP.

Use of Individual Data (Micro Data): The use of individual data (micro data) in Official Statistics has been determined in the "Instruction on Micro data Access and Usage" prepared by TURKSTAT and enacted on 01.09.2012. (

International Data Transmission System (IDTS): The statistical data and information transmitted to the international organizations from our country are correct and consistent is of great importance in terms of the visibility of our country in the world. In this context, the issue of disciplining the sending processes in parallel with the increasing data transmission traffic and the fact that our official statistics are fully and timely accessible abroad were discussed at the 10th Statistical Council Meeting held on 25.03.2014 and the decision to prepare a sending system to record this field.

In this framework, a web-based application called "International Data Transmission System (IDTS)" was created by TURKSTAT as of the end of 2014 to provide coordination and cooperation needed. With the use of IDTS by relevant public agencies and institutions, it will be possible to monitor and report to the international organization which institution, what kind of information it sent at national level. TURKSTAT has started its promotional activities with a workshop attended by representatives of public institutions and organizations that it has realized in the mentioned year and has decided to send data abroad. In the meantime, on-site training has been carried out for many users. The operation and administration of the system is realized by TURKSTAT.

At the 11th meeting of the Statistical Council in 2015, participants were informed about the subject and it was asked to increase the awareness of IDTS among the participants in the management, to develop the business association with TURKSTAT and to make in-house planning for transition to IDTS.

Official Statistics Portal: OSP Portal was prepared with the aim of realizing the statistics produced by TURKSTAT and all the institutions and organizations including Programme within the scope of OSP and the information and developments related to the Turkish Statistical System to the public via the internet and with the domain name (, ( was introduced to users in March 2014.

On the Portal;

  • Statistic Law of Turkey and the regulations referring to the law,
  • Cabinet decisions,
  • Official Statistics Programme (OSP),
  • Monitoring reports,
  • Quality in Official Statistics and related documents,
  • National Data Release Calendar (NDRC)
  • Statistical Council meetings, participants and decisions
  • OSP working group meetings, participants and decisions
  • National and international documents about Official Statistics
  • Key indicators concerning of Turkish Statistical System
  • Current news themed Statistics

are in place and the portal is constantly updated.